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November 18, 2014

Organizing Your Course List


If you’ve logged into Blackboard recently, you might have noticed that the Winter session and Spring 2015 courses have been made available. For those that teach many courses and even just those who are teaching the same course in the Spring as they did in the Fall, it might difficult to find the course link you’re looking for to navigate to.  The following instructions will guide you through organizing your Course List so that it will be easier to find the course you’re looking for.

Click here to download a PDF of the instructions.

  1. On the Courses tab click on the Gear that appears when you move your curser over the title bar of the Course List module.CourseList
  2. To organize your courses by term, in the Terms section click on the Group by Term checkbox.GroupByTerm
  3. You can further organize the terms by sorting the terms. Click on the Up/Down arrow button to open the Reorder menu. Click on the up/down carats to move the terms into the arrangement you want. Click Submit to save.SortTerms
  4. If you only want to display the current term, uncheck the Show Term checkbox next to any term you don’t want displayed. NOTE: Remember to check off the box the next semester.ShowTerm
  5. Also, for a nice clean look, uncheck the Expand Term checkbox.ExpandCourses
  6. For those that aren’t using Blackboard Learn for for all their courses, you might want to make your traditional courses not appear in your Course List and leave only the online ones. In the Edit Course List section, you can check/uncheck fields that you don’t want to see for each course. If you uncheck all of the fields for a course, the course will not be shown in your Course List. NOTE: Remember which courses you make un-viewable in case you need to access them at a later date. You will have to return to this area to make them viewable.
  7. Once you are done selecting the options to organize your Course List, click on Submit to save your changes.


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