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November 19, 2014

Register Now for Online Courses


Are you looking to register for online courses at SCCC but don’t know how? What are online courses and are they right for you?

What is an Online Course?

Online courses are fully credited college courses. There is no difference in what you are expected to learn. It is the way you learn that is different. Online courses are only accessible only on the Internet. You must own or have access to a computer or pad that has a browser application and a connection to the internet. Online courses are neither time nor place bound. You may work at your own pace at any time of the day or night. This is referred to as asynchronous learning.

As with any class you must pay close attention to deadlines in order to complete the course successfully. Most instructors require you to log in and complete assignments and participate one or more times each week. Make sure to check online and read your course requirements at the earliest opportunity. You will receive and submit assignments, take tests, and have discussions with your instructor and your fellow students online.

Are Online Courses for me?

Online courses are attractive options for individuals who are self-motivated and can work independently in a less structured learning environment.  Course material, assignments, participation and tests are all conducted online, so it is important that you have access to a functional computer with a high speed internet connection.  While online courses don’t meet at a specific time or place, you still will need to access the course online multiple times during the week and make sure that work and tests are completed on time.  If you are not familiar with the online learning management system Blackboard, it is suggested that you participate in the Suffolk Online Student Orientation and refer to the Student Guide to Blackboard.

How do I register for Online Courses?

You can register for Online Courses the same as you would for traditional courses, just be sure to search for courses with the Instructional Method set to Online-Blackboard.


You can also look for courses with the location set to Online.

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