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October 22, 2015

How to Chat in Bb Collaborate


In Collaborate, chatting is easy. First, make sure to have the chat feature enabled. Enable chat by clicking on the chat icon. To enable the chat feature for the whole room, go to Main Room and click on the chat icon. As you can see, chat will now be enabled for all the students in the room. (In this example, there is only one student in the room.)


If you do not want all the students to be able to chat, make sure to keep this feature disabled in Main Room.


You can always enable chat for individual students by clicking on or hovering over their name and clicking the chat feature on.


To send a chat to the entire room, go to the bottom of the chat window. You will see two tabs. One tab is for moderators. Here, moderators can chat privately with each other.


The other tab is the room tab. This is a public chat that all students will be able to see.


Click on this tab and type in the text field. Hit “Enter” on the keyboard when you’re finished.


All the students in the class will be able to see this message.


If you want to chat with an individual student privately, double-click on their name.


As you can see, a tab for the individual student opens up at the bottom. Only you and the student you picked will be able to see any messages written here.


*Note: All public chats will be saved with the session, but all private chats will not.

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