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December 14, 2015

ReadSpeaker and docReader


Today you will notice a new addition to Suffolk County Community College’s Blackboard, which will make course content more accessible. In the bottom left corner of Blackboard, is the ReadSpeaker iconReadSpeaker_Icon_600dpi. ReadSpeaker is the leading provider of online text to speech. By just clicking on the icon, you can have the content on Blackboard read out loud to you. Simply highlight any text on the page in Blackboard and the ReadSpeaker icon will appear beside your cursor. Hit the play button to have ReadSpeaker read just that text.

With ReadSpeaker in Blackboard, students who are audible learners can now absorb course content in the best way for them. Non-native English speakers and students who struggle with reading will be able to follow along with ReadSpeaker as it highlights each word it reads. The speed that ReadSpeaker reads the text can be adjusted for those that want it to be read faster or slower. By using ReadSpeaker, students will see improved word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Watch how to use ReadSpeaker!

Download the PDF instructions on how to use ReadSpeaker and docReader here.

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