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January 11, 2016

Blackboard Collaborate FAQs

  1. I enabled chat permission for the entire room. How come one student is unable to chat?
    Permissions can be set for the entire room and for individuals. If you gave chat permission to the entire room but one (or more than one) student cannot chat, check to make sure that the permissions for chat were not turned off for that particular student.


  2. A student will not lower her hand after I told her a couple of times to lower it. It is distracting. What do I do?
    If a student forgets to lower their hand, the moderator can lower it for them by clicking on the option button next to their name and selecting “Lower Hand.”


  3. I just ran a poll. How do I clear all the responses?
    To clear all of your students’ responses, click on “Clear.”


  4. In one of my sessions, I chatted privately with a student. Important information was shared and I need it! How come this chat was not saved with the recording?
    Public chats get saved with a session but private chats do not. If there is something important in the private chat that you want to keep, copy and paste the text of the chat into a Word document before ending the session.
  5. I just imported a PowerPoint presentation into the whiteboard. How come I can only see the first slide and none of the other ones? What happened to my slides?
    Use the navigation arrows at the top right side of the whiteboard to navigate through the slides in your presentation. You can also go directly to a specific slide by clicking the down arrow, as show below. If you prefer to see thumbnails of all the slides, click on the navigation options menu and select “Show Page Explorer.”


  6. I can’t delete something off the whiteboard. Help!
    To delete an item off the whiteboard, you need to select it first. Click on the select tool in the whiteboard menu bar, click on the object you wish to delete, and then press Delete on your keyboard.


  7. I am running a video-enabled (or audio-enabled) session and my students are saying that the can’t hear me. This technology is confusing me!
    There are a few things you can check before you run for the hills.

    1. Did you press the “talk” button? Audio will not be transmitted unless the “talk” button is pressed.FAQ-6
    2. Is your mic plugged in? This seems obvious, but it might have been unplugged by accident.
    3. If your mic has a volume button, is it turned all the way up?
    4. If the answer to all of these questions is “yes”, you might have to run the Audio Set-Up Wizard to make sure Collaborate is recognizing your mic as the output device.
  8. I just recorded a session but when I go into session history to access it, it doesn’t show up under “Recordings.” Is my session gone forever?
    A recorded session can take up to 2 hours to show up in Blackboard Collaborate under “Recordings.” If it has been at least 2 hours and it still hasn’t appeared, unfortunately, it may not have been recorded. L There are a few things that you must do in order to successfully record a session.

    1. Make sure to press record at the start of the session!
    2. Make sure to press record again to stop the recording once the session is completed.
    3. Make sure that all of your students have left the session. You can remove any students that have not done so by clicking on the options menu button next to their name and selecting “Remove Participant.”


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