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October 20, 2016

Blackboard Email Issue


Students, are your reply emails getting to your professor? If your instructor has emailed you from Blackboard, your replies to them may not be reaching them. If you received a mailer daemon stating that it wasn’t sent than you know for sure you’ve been affected by this issue. Check your contact information for your instructor and see if it’s correct. Your instructor’s email should be the first 6 letters of their last name, their first initial and So if Professor Charles Xavier taught here at our school, his email should be [email protected] If you look closely at your instructor’s contact information stored in your email and it has instead [email protected], delete it. It is incorrect. A change in Blackboard was made to prevent this incorrect email from being used. Future Blackboard emails from your instructor should store correctly.

Instructors, if you feel your students may have been affected by this issue, please tell them to delete your contact information that was stored in their email. Future emails from Blackboard should not cause this issue and your correct email address should get stored.

If anyone has any issues regarding Blackboard, please email [email protected]

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