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About OIT

The Office of Instructional Technology is a technological, collaborative, and multidisciplinary, support system that combines distance education, online training, educational outreach, and research activities to promote an innovative and effective integration of Instructional Technology. OIT leads and provides a unique opportunity for students, faculty, staff and college community to come together in an integrated, interdisciplinary, and cross-departmental venture to contribute and facilitate the technological growth and success of the online learning educational environment of Suffolk County Community College.

Mission Statement The Office of Instructional Technology provides technology tools and services to the SCCC community to enhance communication and collaboration in a way that affords equitable opportunities for all students to reach their fullest academic potential. OIT offers training and professional development, supports course development and shares guidance on instructional  technology solutions to SCCC and the SUNY community as well as industry partners.  OIT also promotes high quality distance education courses to enable increased access for our students.  By infusing an  effective integration of technology into the educational experience, we aim to transform the lives of students and improve our local communities.  By taking a leadership role and using innovative tools, OIT will help SCCC faculty and staff become leaders in the global community of technology-enhanced teaching and learning.


Please contact us if you ever have questions, concerns, or comments.  We also like to hear from you if we have done something that has made you smile.

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