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Start of the Semester Checklist – Fall 2015

Note: The YouTube MashUp tool is now functional as of August 12th.

The Fall 2015 semester officially begins on Thursday, August 27th. If you are using Blackboard to host some or all of your course material please review the following checklist of items and resources that might help you get ready for the first day of classes:

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End of the Semester Checklist – Spring 2015

It’s the end of the Spring 2015 semester and if you are using Blackboard here is a checklist of items to complete. Just click on the links to go to instructions on how to complete those items.

  • Archive Courses: at the end of each semester it is strongly advised that each instructor archives their Blackboard courses, especially if they contain any user interaction.
  • Extend Student Access to your Course: By default, Blackboard courses are closed to students on the last day of classes. For Spring 2015, this date is May 13th. You might want to extend the availability of your Blackboard course for students that need to submit late assignments or just view their grades. Video of the handout:
  • Copying Course Material to Next Semester (handout) and Copy Course Content Between Courses (video): Summer and Fall 2015 courses are now in Blackboard. If you are teaching the same course next semester, you might want to copy your course material from your Spring course into your Summer or Fall course.

Just as a reminder, OIT Blackboard Workshops will continue to be held throughout the summer. View the workshop schedule and register through Eventbrite.


Blackboard Collaborate is Coming!

Want to talk with a student face to face for a virtual office hour? Need to have a lecture online to make up for a snow closing? Want to have a meeting with your peers on another campus without wasting time in the car traveling? Blackboard Collaborate is here to help you with all of this and more.

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November 2014 Blackboard Corner

Archive your Course!

At the end of each semester it is strongly advised that each instructor archive their Blackboard courses that contain any user interactions. Archived courses are saved as ZIP files and the process does not delete the courses from the Blackboard system. Please visit Blackboard’s help site for more detailed information at:

There is also a short video tutorial reviewing the archive process and can be accessed through Open SUNY’s Training Course Repository at: *

* Please note that the video was made before Blackboard Learn was upgraded this past August. Although the basic content of the video has not changed some of the settings may be slightly different.

Did you know…?:

OIT created an in-house video of how to copy course content between courses. The basic steps outlined in this video is also useful for copying fall 2014 course content into blank spring 2015 course templates:

NOTE: All of OIT’s Blackboard help resources can be found at: /blackboard. Also check out our YouTube videos:


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