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Blackboard Collaborate is Coming!

Want to talk with a student face to face for a virtual office hour? Need to have a lecture online to make up for a snow closing? Want to have a meeting with your peers on another campus without wasting time in the car traveling? Blackboard Collaborate is here to help you with all of this and more.

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Register Now for Online Courses

Are you looking to register for online courses at SCCC but don’t know how? What are online courses and are they right for you?

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Navigating The New Learning Landscape

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How to be a Successful Online Student

  1. You need to be self-motivated and self disciplined.  This is true for all online courses, which, you the student, have much more freedom than you normally would in a traditional classroom setting.
  2. You must be willing to use technology.  Since this is an online course, you will need to be comfortable with using a computer and the Internet.
  3. Carefully re-read questions and your responses to them; this will help ensure that you are satisfied with your answer selection before you submit it for grading.
  4. Set aside some space at in your home to keep your school stuff.  It is important to have some organization, even if it is just two folders were you keep your notes.
  5. Prevent distractions at home.   Education is a very selfish thing; any time given to distractions will hamper your learning effort.
  6. Take a deep breath! The first online learning experience can be a little intimidating for anyone, but once you get the hang of it, you will do fine!
  7. Apply what you learn.

The Truth About Online College Classes Revealed

by Clark Conner – North Carolina State University on August 29, 2014

When I graduate in a few months with a degree in political science from North Carolina State University, I will have completed roughly one-third of my required hours over the Internet within the comfort of my own home.

My experiences with distance education have made me rather skeptical of some in the academic community who label distance education as the incestuous offspring of trend and convenience. It’s not.

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