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At SCCC, there are four different modalities that you can teach your courses in. Traditional, web enabled, blended and online. The modalities are defined as:

Online Courses: These are courses that are fully online with no face-to-face class meetings.  All course content is placed within the College’s LMS.   Testing is done online.

Blended/Hybrid Courses: These are courses that have both face-to-face and online instruction.  Some content is placed within the College’s LMS and content can also be provided during face-to-face instruction.  Testing can be online and/or face-to-face.

Web Enabled:  These courses use the LMS as supplemental only.  The amount of content placed in the LMS varies based upon the instructor.  Testing does not occur online.

Distance Learning Classrooms: These courses are lecture courses that use the Distance Learning Classroom on each campus using Video Conferencing Displays.

Traditional: These are the traditional lecture based courses that meet on campus and have no online portion.

If you are interested in teaching a distance education (DE) course, blended or online at SCCC, you will need to first submit the assignment request form. The forms are located in the MySCCC portal. Hover over the Suffolk Online tab and click on Online Faculty. Scroll down to the DE Guidebook and Course Forms box. If you are interested in being assigned to a course that is already being taught in the modality you want, fill out the Course Assignment Form. If the course you want to teach hasn’t been taught in the modality your interested in before, than fill out the Course Development Form. Please note, this process will take time and you should be looking to teach the course in the DE modality for the following year. For example, you can have the request approved in the Fall semester, be trained in the Spring and then teach the course in the Fall. Special situations that require the process to be expedited must be presented to OIT by the department chair and approved by the Associate Dean of Instructional Technology.

Once approved of the course assignment, you will need to be trained in the LMS. You will be notified of the dates and times this will take place. Completing the training will certify you to teach online.

SCCC’s current online learning management system is Blackboard. Please visit our Blackboard page for tutorials and information on workshops for you to learn Blackboard.

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