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Using Blackboard for Mobility Impairment

The Top 5 things you need to know about using Blackboard regarding mobility impairment:

  1. Keyboard navigation throughout the Blackboard Learn system follows common web navigation models to ensure consistency and familiarity with other web-based experiences.
  2. Quick links will aggregate up a list of all the headings and landmarks on the page allowing a user to quickly find and navigate to elements in the middle of the page. It can be opened with a keyboard shortcut from anywhere in the page so it’s always easy to move around.
  3. Keyboard shortcuts are available for a variety of tools in the Blackboard Learn system in order to increase efficiency for keyboard users. Keyboard shortcuts are specific to the current page or tool in use and can be discovered by opening the Quick Links tool using Shift+Alt+L.
  4. If typing is difficult, the Record from Webcam (Video Everywhere) feature, which is embedded in the content editor, allows a user to create voice responses to assignments, discussion boards, and blogs or within any other Blackboard Learn area where the content editor is present.
  5. Wherever content can be arranged on the page using drag and drop, keyboard options are available as well. You can see a list of all the elements on the page and use keyboard controls to move items up, down, left, or right in the list.

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