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May 20, 2014

Adaptive Release Settings


Adaptive Release is a tool available in Blackboard that allows an instructor to set multiple types of availability settings for folders, content items, tests and assignments to name a few.

Adaptive Release settings include:

  • Date and Time release – reduces the availability of content to a specific time and date range.
  • Membership – allows access to the content via choosing one or more specific people  or by previously set up Groups.
  • Grade – can be set up to require users to get a passing grade on a quiz before they can access the next set of content.
  • Review Status – requires the user to mark the item as reviewed before they can access the next set of content.

To set up Adaptive Release

  1. Go to the area of your course where the item is located.
  2. Click on the gray arrow and choose Adaptive Release
  3. Choose the type of adaptive release you would like to use
    1. Date and Time: Input the dates and times that you would like the item to be available for users to access.
    2. Membership: Type in or browse for the pawprints of users that you would like to be able to view the item. Or, select and use the arrow to move the desired Group into the Selected Items area.
    3. Grade: Choose the grade center item that you want the users to recieve a particular grade on before they can access the current item.  Then, input the score or percent that the user needs to achieve.
    4. Review Status: Select the item that the students must check as reviewed before gaining access to the current item.
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