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May 20, 2014

Setting Up A Rubric


A rubric can be created in the Rubric tool of Blackboard and can be attached to a discussion forum or assignment. When attaching a rubric to a discussion or assignment, the instructor can choose wether students can view the rubric or not. Rubrics can be viewable only or interactive.

To create a rubric:

  1. In the Control Panel, choose Rubrics from the Course Tools list. If you do not seeRubrics in your course tools list, you may need to go to CustomizationTool Availability to make the Rubric tool available.
  2. Choose Create Rubric.
  3. Provide a name and description for the Rubric. This description will show to the instructor and student when viewing the rubric.
  4. Choose the Rubric Type. Your rubric can give show percentages, points, no points or a point range.
  5. The rubric is a grid with rows (criteria) and columns (levels of achievement) that  can be edited, added or deleted.  Use these options to first create the rows and columns that you will need
  6. After adding the titles for your criteria and levels of achievement, add the points, percentage or point range for each cell.
  7. Add the description for each cell. This description will explain the criteria needed to earn the specific level of achievement.
  8. When your rubric is complete, hit submit! You will now be able to attach this rubric to an assignment or graded discussion when you are setting up the options.

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