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August 8, 2016

Using the Student Preview feature in Blackboard


The Student Preview feature allows the instructor to experience their course as a student. By using this feature, an instructor can ensure items that are hidden from their students are not visible, check that items that should be visible are, take tests, submit assignments, and participate in discussions.  If an instructor chooses to save their student data, they can practice grading a student’s assignment, test or discussion without fear of interfering with an actual student’s grade.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to use the Student Preview feature.

  1. Navigate to the Blackboard course you wish to view as a student.
  2. Click the icon Enter Student Preview, located in the top right menu above the content area next to Edit Mode.Enter Student Preview icon
  3. Switching on Student Preview will take a moment and refresh your Blackboard course page, showing it as a student would see it. Behind the scenes, a student account is created and enrolled in your course named Your Name_PreviewUser. An orange  bar will appear above the page indicating that Student Preview mode is ON.Student Preview idicator bar
  4. You can now navigate your Blackboard course, submit assignments, take tests and participate in discussions as a student would.

Exiting Student Preview

  1. On the orange Student Preview mode bar, click on the Exit Preview button. A pop up will appear presenting you with two options when you exit Student Preview. Options when exiting Student Preview mode
    • Delete the preview user and all data: This option will completely remove the preview student that was created as well as delete any assignment, tests or discussion posts that were created by the student preview.
    • Keep the preview user and all data: This option allows you to save your student data, giving you the ability to also interact with your preview student version as an instructor. For example, you can grade the assignment you submitted as a student. You can also then reenter Student Preview and view your graded assignment. Please note, that your real students can also see your Student Preview.
    • Remember this choice and do not ask me again: selecting this will cause this pop up to not appear again. If you want to change your selection, you will need to use the Settings to change it.

Changing the Student Preview settings

  1. On the orange Student Preview mode bar, click on the Settings button. A pop up will appear presenting you with the setting options you can edit.Student Preview Settings
  2. Select the option(s) that fits your needs and click on Save to continue.
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