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Archive of D2L to Blackboard Info

Moving from D2L to Blackboard

These instructions will guide you through the process of moving your course content from D2L to Blackboard.

Exporting your D2L Course Content

Please plan on exporting all D2L materials by August 15th, this will allow time for solving any issues that may occur with your exports. Please note that Grades and Dropbox files are not included in the export course zip package. Gradebooks can be exported separately using the D2L gradebook tool. If you want to keep copies of Dropbox submissions, those files will need to be downloaded using the D2L Dropbox tool.

Moving your exported D2L Course into Blackboard

When you have finished exporting and downloading your D2L course Zip package, log into Blackboard. You will upload the Zip package into a folder using the Content Collection tool, and rebuild your course using those files. These handouts will guide you through  uploading your course content into Blackboard and then rebuilding your courses.