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Blackboard Courses – Assignments

Assignments in Blackboard allow for you to submit work to you instructors by attaching files from your computer or the Content Collection and/or by providing text on the Upload Assignment page.

Watch the video on Submitting Assignments in Blackboard

To Submit an Assignment to your instructor that they have posted on Blackboard, click on the Assignment Link. Assignments can be found either under an Assignments/Dropbox link that your instructor provides on their Course Menu or through the Content area.


Once you decide on a method of submitting your assignment, you have the option to Submit it or Save as Draft. Saving your assignment as a draft allows you to go back to the assignment and edit it but please note, you must Submit the assignment prior to the due date in order for your instructor to receive it.

Please Note: Your instructor has the ability to limit the number of times you’re allowed to Submit an assignment. You may only have one attempt to submit it.


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