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Blackboard Courses – Discussion Board

The Discussion Board is a place for students and the instructors to post questions or topics for conversation and others can respond to them. Depending on how your instructor plans to use the Discussion Board, it might be used for grading or just as a way to for students to interact with each other.

Watch the video on how to Participate in Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards are composed of Forums, Threads and Posts. The Forums are used to organize the Discussion Board into topics or units. Threads are the specific topics of conversations in a Forum and Posts are the responses in the Threads.

Below is an example view of a Discussion Board with the links to the different Forums on the right column. From this view you can see a Description of the Forum, the Total Posts and the number of Unread Posts in the Forum.


Click on a Forum Link to view or create Threads within that Forum.

Once in a Forum, if your instructor has made it available, you can create a Thread or open a Thread to read and respond to posts.


Create a Thread

  1. Once in a Forum, click on Create Thread in the top left menu and a new screen will load.
  2. Type in a Subject. This becomes the Thread Link that others will see to click on to view and respond to your thread so make sure it is unique and descriptive.
  3. Type in a Message for others to respond to.
  4. Optionally, attach a relevant file by clicking on Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection.
  5. Click on Submit to create the Thread.

Reply to a Post

  1. Once in a Thread, click on Reply or Quote to post a response in the thread. Quote will include the post’s text as a part of your response.
  2. Type in your response in the Message area.
  3. Optionally you can attach a file by clicking on Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection.
  4. Click on Submit.

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